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Physical Therapist Tutors

Christian Rey Piedad

Hi, I’m Rey, a physical therapist Chootor specializing in Physical Therapy Applications. Through my personalized and comprehensive approach to teaching, I am confident that I can provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in your board exam. Let’s work together to achieve your goals.

Danielle Solon

Hi I’m Dane, one of your Physiology Chootors. I have always had a passion for seeing students learn, improve and achieve. I love to work with students 1 on 1 as it gives them the personalised approach I believe is so useful. It also gives them the opportunity to grow at their own pace. I hope to meet you soon!

Rudell Orboc

Hi I’m Rudell, one of your Chootors for Medical-Surgical Conditions and Physical Therapy Applications. I am thrilled to be your Physical Therapy tutor. As a tutor, my goal is to help you succeed in your studies and achieve your career goals. I have always had a passion for teaching and have dedicated my career to helping students like you reach their full potential.