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We have used our years of experience to develop an online teaching and support service for students and graduates in the Philippines. All our tutors are hand picked, monitored and trained to deliver the best possible service. 

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We aim to target individual needs and effortlessly collaborate with tutors in a safe virtual classroom. Independent work set by schools will not be sufficient – students need face-to-face teaching, explanations, interaction and collaboration.

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"Dane is an excellent physical therapist lecturer and faculty member. Her knowledge and expertise in the field are remarkable, and her teaching style is engaging and effective. I have learned so much from her lectures and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to further their understanding of physical therapy."
PTRP Rudell O.
Dane is an awesome energetic and a very good lecturer. She knows the topic very well, she will even break the topic into pieces if she feels that the listener didn't get it. She have the heart and the passion of teaching. Highly recommended lecturer/ teacher. I learned so much from her even during my board exam. Her teachings last long. Kudos.
PTRP Sanxel Carrido
"Danielle is a fantastic physical therapist lecturer and faculty member. Her lectures are well-organized, and she does an excellent job of breaking down complex topics into easily digestible information. Her passion for the field is evident, and she truly cares about her students' success. I highly recommend her as an instructor."

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